These Are The Top Entrepreneurs You Can’t Miss in 2020

NEW YORK CITY, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 21, 2020 / As the first quarter of 2020 comes to a close, we are giving way to a new quarter. And despite everything that is happening in the world today with The CoronaVirus, the economy, and everything else; there are people who can inspire us during these trying times.

Now, more than ever, entrepreneurs across our world will help us define what the next year and the rest of the new decade will be like. This year, VIP Media Group put together a list of what they consider to be some of the top entrepreneurs to watch in 2020.

So who are they?

– Grant Cardone

INSTAGRAM: @grantcardone[1]

Grant Cardone is the bestselling author of The 10X Rule and has been buying real estate for over 30 years. Over those three decades, he has bought over two billion dollars worth of real estate in eight states. Grant currently manages 7,068 units with his private equity firm Cardone Capital[2]. He is such a good real estate investor because of his extreme discipline, specific formulas, and good instinct to know when to exit the property. Throughout his career, Grant has been giving small investors a chance to start small and go big.

– Tai Lopez

INSTAGRAM: @tailopez[3]

He is an investor, partner, and advisor to almost two-dozen multi-million-dollar businesses. Through his popular book club and podcasts The Tai Lopez Show shares advice on how to achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness with 1.4 million people in 40 countries. The Tai Lopez Show gets around 800,000 downloads per month. Tai also owns the largest book shipping club in the world, Mentor Box, and was voted the Number 1 Social Media Influencer by Entrepreneur Magazine.

– Alex Morton

INSTAGRAM: @AlexMortonMindset[4]

Alex Morton is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, momentum creator, growth catalyst, & best selling author and speaker, who teaches people around the world how to be, do, and have anything they desire. Over the past decade, Alex has traveled to over 85 countries, taught hundreds of thousands of people the philosophies and strategies to create massive success in their lives, led organizations to produce over $700MM in sales, & has personally earned $30MM at 30 years old. Although he is aware enough to understand what he’s accomplished is incredible, he still remains just as humble as he was when he didn’t have anything & gives away all the credit to GOD, his amazing parents, his mentor Bob Proctor, & all the people that have helped him attract and acquire success.

– Rudy Mawer

INSTAGRAM: @rudymawerlife[5]

Rudy Mawer built two multi million $ businesses by the age of 27 and currently helps generate tens of million $ per year via his clients businesses. He is also an active investor, owning multiple residential and commercial real estate, multiple companies and equity in large 9 figure brands such as Dress Barn. Rudy runs a large agency with Tai called Profit Index. Rudy is seen as one of the world’s top 5 experts on Facebook ads and scaling businesses with online marketing. His clientele includes a lot of health & fitness brands, celebrities, olympic athletes, multimillionaire companies and entrepreneurs. His work has been featured in the LA News, ABC News, Forbes, Inc, Business Insider , Entrepreneur, Huffington Post. NASDAQ, etc.

– Regan Anne Hillyer

INSTAGRAM: @reganhillyer[6]

Regan, founder of Regan Hillyer International[7], is a mindset coach and entrepreneur who has worked her way up to becoming a multi-millionaire through her work as a global speaker and change-maker, thought leader, and philanthropist. Through her company, she has helped thousands of people build their own businesses and earn over six and seven figures through the use of mindset changing tools and business development strategies. Regan continues to share her vision with others and helps individuals achieve greatness and build their own legacy by breaking free from old archaic systems and utilizing powerful, cutting-edge business and mindset strategies.

– Stephen Liao

INSTAGRAM: @credit[8]

Stephen Liao is a celebrity consultant and an expert in credit and investing. He got into this business when he realized the education system had failed him. While at college, he founded the social media tech startup Moves Inc., which received 20 million daily impressions on platforms such as Snapchat. When he turned 20, he dropped out of Stanford to focus on what he was learning from his startup and to specialize in travel hacking and gaming the credit card system. Every day, Stephen leverages his own credit lines to invest in different businesses and startup projects, while doing consulting for top celebrity clients.

– Paul Getter

INSTAGRAM: @paul[9]

Paul Getter has often been referred to as the king-maker or “the guy behind the guys”. Paul’s Internet Marketing career began in desperation. He’d been laid off and didn’t own a marketable degree. But then he discovered the power of Facebook, learned every aspect of Facebook marketing, and now he ranks among the top 1% of ad spenders on the world’s largest social platform. Paul boosts the popularity of big network television shows, skyrockets authors onto the New York Times Best-Sellers list, elevates Fortune 500 companies and A-list celebrities, and helps numerous small-platform personalities grow followings of millions. He’s developed a large clientele by working with each client in a deeply personal way that exudes trust and genuine care.

– Xerxes Frechiani

INSTAGRAM: @doublex[10]

Xerxes Frechiani is a successful entrepreneur, business consultant, marketing expert, social media influencer and the founder and CEO of Double X Media. Combining a degree in International Business, and another degree in Management, Xerxes has over 15+ years of experience in the industry and has grown to become a globally recognized public figure. Xerxes has assisted through his agency Double X Media, brands and businesses of every level to scale immensely and take control of their markets and industries. Currently he has a client list that includes Fortune 500 companies such as Facebook, Colgate, Calvin Klein, Sprint, and many others.

-Thaddaeus Koroma

INSTAGRAM: @thaddaeuskoroma[11]

Thaddaeus Koroma is a serial entrepreneur and business coach. Thaddaeus is professionally rated as one of the top leading business coaches to the elite influencers and celebrities and has become the leading voice of the new business centric Millennial Generation in Europe. Thaddaeus is affectionately called by some of his clients ‘The Mindset whisperer’[12].

– Jake Nicks

INSTAGRAM: @jakejnicks[13]

Jake Nick’s story is one of hardwork and perseverance. After becoming homeless at the age of 20, Jake turned his life around by focusing on others. At an early age, Jake started teaching companies how to create massive growth through servant leadership and guerilla marketing. By doing this, Jake was able to expand his portfolio across a variety of niches and grow his business at the same time. His mission in life is simple: To help people see the possibilities beyond their mindset and self-limiting beliefs. Today, Jake is the CEO of six different companies and is constantly generating success not only for himself, but for others as well.

– Mark Atalla

INSTAGRAM: @trademarkmark[14]

Mark Atalla is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Carlyle Capital[15], an asset-based private lender and asset management company in the business of deploying capital against real estate, typically as short-term bridge loans to acquire, refinance, re-purpose, or develop real estate holdings. Mark is the son of Egyptian immigrants who came to the United States in the 1970s to achieve the American Dream. He graduated from California State University, Fullerton in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics and now he is focused on bringing about innovation and problem-solving strategies with his private lending firm while being an inspiration for this and generations to come. Recently, Mark co-authored a book, Money Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips To Success[16] (Real Estate Vol.2 – Edition 3).

– Justin Kimbrough

INSTAGRAM: @theinvestor[17]

Justin Kimbrough is a serial entrepreneur, a huge believer in positive energy, environmentalist, and activist. From affiliate marketing, cbd, digital marketing, and beyond, Justin truly understands what it means to be a serial entrepreneur. By helping his clients generate leads, converting clients, and running a massive media company, Justin has been able to generate millions of dollars in sales, all before turning 22. By studying the greats, such as Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Andrew Carnage, and others, Justin has been to understand the power of the mind and how to achieve all levels of success. Aside from being a successful entrepreneur, Justin is 100% vegan. He lives in between Dallas, Texas and Oahu, Hawaii.

– Stephen Munson

INSTAGRAM: @munsonshow[18]

Stephen Munson is the Dyslexic, X-Drug addict that transformed into the World Traveler, Digital Nomad CEO. This iconic, high-impact leader, helps thousands of people every month build a profitable online business. After four years of temporary defeat where he was $180,000 in debt with a 380 credit score and only $1.71 left in the bank, he successfully launched his dream business called[19], which now has over 127,000 people involved and generating strong seven-figures. He’s helping others find their life’s purpose, self-esteem, self-worth, motivation, inspiration and total life transformation.

– Adeline Er

INSTAGRAM: @iamdelineer[20]

Adeline[21] is a multilingual speaker, podcast host, facilitator, leadership and empowerment coach with 31 years of experience in breaking the mould and doing things the unconventional way. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant and in her past life (the corporate days), she worked with start-ups and ASX-listed companies, managing multi million portfolios in the commercial marketing division. Now Adeline helps visionary leaders and purpose-driven businesses to build a brand that is a true and authentic expression of who they are and their values. She’s also on a mission to bring Divine Feminine teachings into business and leadership.

– Maresa Friedman

INSTAGRAM: @MaresaSD[22]

Maresa is a proud Latina and a strategist that works with Fortune 500 Companies and Executives in the field of Brand Narrative Strategy. In addition she is also the owner of TECH (The Executive Cat Herder), a company specialized in helping businesses get to their next level with brand architecture fundamentals. Maresa has achieved so much in her career serving as a google certified speaker in more than 277 events all across the world, keynotes such as Illuminating Women in Seattle and International Franchise Association with top level speakers like Gary Vaynerchuck.

– Timothy Byron Hancock

INSTAGRAM: @timothyhancock[23]

Timothy Byron Hancock is the publisher of the luxury magazine called Deluxe Version Magazine. At the age of 24, he quit his full-time job of 5 years to pursue his own business venture with photography, brand development, and graphic design. In 2013, he reinvented his business and created DLXVRSN[24] Media Inc. to become a full-service media company with a production studio in Las Vegas. Deluxe Version Magazine emerged online as a collective of honoring local professionals in Las Vegas. In just six years, the magazine has grown to include travel, fashion, as well as the works of Emmy award-winning journalists.

– Justin Preer

INSTAGRAM: @living_life_JP_style[25]

Justin Preer is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Valiant Consultants. From an early age, Justin Preer always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Throughout his teens, Justin started multiple traditional and online businesses. An avid reader, seminar and personal growth junkie, Justin has always been willing to keep growing and take risks. Before co-founding Valiant Consultant, Justin co-founded Titan Empire, a digital marketing agency. Before that, he consulted for an international oil company, where he led highly effective teams of 100s and oversaw multiple business functions across Canada through the US for over 9 years. Today, Justin specializes in the day to day operations and financial aspect of Valiant Consultant, which includes development, refinement of business systems and growth strategies to propel his company towards continued growth.

– Mike Fisher

INSTAGRAM: @fishermike[26]

Mike Fisher is a Canadian serial entrepreneur and a marketing expert. Since an early age, Mike has started multiple companies, focused on helping his clients reach their goals by running successful marketing and branding campaigns. In under 12 months, Mike and team have been able to grow their company to 8 figures. Currently, Mike is working on partnering with two charity organizations to give a portion of every sale to help those in need.

– Steven Mayer

INSTAGRAM: @ MrEcomKing[27]

Steven is a serial entrepreneur and Amazon expert. Steven has been in the Amazon space for over 7 years. After quickly gaining traction and learning the trick of Amazon, he started building his own private label brand and quickly found success by selling two FBA businesses for over 7 figures and transitioning to teaching others about Amazon. The FBA market was becoming competitive and new students were having a harder time making it work, so Steven transitioned from teaching students to doing everything for them through his most profitable business, Valiant Consultants, a company that has generated over 30 million in revenue in 10 months and has helped over 950+ clients generate over 10+ million in sales per month.

– Stormy Wellington

INSTAGRAM: @ coachstormy[28]

Stormy Wellington is a successful wealth coach, serial entrepreneur, and mother. Her powerful brand focuses on economic elevation through mental, physical, and financial growth. On a daily basis, Stormy focuses on educating people on the benefits of health and wellness, as well as shifting people’s perspectives. Aside from this, Stormy owns a successful CBD company. Currently, Stormy Wellington coaches numerous families to reach 7 figures and find their own version of success.

-Patrick McGeoghean

INSTAGRAM: @patrickmcgeoghean[29]

Patrick McGeoghean is the perfect definition of never giving up. From an early age, Patrick developed a passion for trading stocks. After constant years of failing and losing money, Patrick never gave up, quite the opposite. He continued to learn and develop other businesses as well. From marketing to credit repair, Patrick has truly done it all. Today, Patrick is the CEO of Centurion Credit[30], a company focused on getting people funding, their credit repaired, and teaching them how to leverage credit to travel for free. In addition, Patrick also runs Miracle Marketing Labs[31], a very successful digital marketing agency.

– Joe Jitsukawa

INSTAGRAM: @joejitsukawa[32]

Joe Jitsukawa is an influencer, comedian, and serial entrepreneur. Joe is the co-founder, writer, director, and actor for the popular Just Kidding Films team, a YouTube channel that takes on social, contemporary, and cultural issues with a comedic edge. In addition, Joe has a personal YouTube channel, called Joe Jitsukawa[33], where he features life vlogs, cooking videos and rants that have earned close to 500,000 subscribers.

– Olumide Gbenro

INSTAGRAM: @globopreneur[34]

Olumide Gbenro[35] is a serial entrepreneur and multilingual businessman who speaks 7 languages. Gbenro, also referred to as the Globopreneur[36], is the founder and producer of The Digital Nomad Summit[37], which is “growing the largest community of location independent entrepreneurs in the world.” Each year hundreds of online entrepreneurs meet to learn, network and socialize. As remote work from laptops and cell phones becomes the norm, Olumide is building the platforms, products and services for Digital Nomads that solves common problems and addresses their multidimensional needs to live, travel and connect.

– David Mullings

INSTAGRAM: @davidpmullings[38]

David[39] serves on the Advisory Board for the Caribbean School of Data with as a key funding partner and is the Chairman and CEO of Blue Mahoe Capital[40], an investment firm focused on Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. He is well-experienced in private equity and hedge fund industry and is working on making it easy for retail investors to get exposure to the region via a listing on a major US stock exchange soon. David recently appeared on Bloomberg TV, he is also mentored by billionaire Michael Lee-Chin[41] and featured in a cover story with him.

– Lawrence Robert nolan

INSTAGRAM: @hardcorefitlarry[42]

Lawrence Robert Nolan[43] started in fitness at 16 years old as a personal trainer. He then worked at all the corporate gyms and realized there was something missing so in 2007 he went off on his own to create it. As a high school dropout and two times former felon with a passion for fitness and helping people but no business acumen, it was a long slow process for Lawrence to grow. Once he got his footing he opened the first Hardcore Fitness[44] gym in Santa Clarita, another in San Diego, and continued on one after another now reaching Texas, Nevada and Florida. Today, Hardcore Fitness is even starting their own sport supplement line.

– Maryam Al Thani

INSTAGRAM: @maf.althani[45]

Maryam Al Thani[46] began baking cakes for free when she was just 16 years old and in highschool. What started out as just love for baking quickly grew into a full blown business. From baking in her kitchen to owning Nawar’s Bakery[47], Maryam has taken her passion to the next level, and has drawn the attention of a large audience. Her debut to the scene began when her video went viral on 9gag. Maryam now runs a successful and indemand bakery that sells through local delivery applications and home delivery and supplies more than fifteen cafes in Qatar. In her free time she works as a consultant to other businesses.

– Ioannis Patseas

INSTAGRAM: @ioannis_sport[48]

Ioannis Patseas is a serial entrepreneur, wealth manager, marketing expert, and a professional basketball player, having played professionally in Greece. Ioannis has helped countless companies generate 6-7 figures in sales per year. In addition, he has helped over 800 athletes, public figures, artists, entrepreneurs grow their brand both online and offline. Ioannis is the CEO of V11 sports and marketing agency (located in Cyprus) a company that has helped over 50 soccer players the past year obtain professional contracts in top European leagues. His agency generates 6 figures every month through his marketing and digital campaigns. Ioannis is the Co Founder of Atlas Pr a company located in Bali as well. Aside from this, Ioannis will be launching a clothing line, Phillipa, later this month

– Kim DelMonico

INSTAGRAM: @kimdelmonico[49]

Originally from Upstate New York, Kim DelMonico is a lawyer who transitioned in the world of marketing. She is also an author, journalist, and full-time digital nomad. Kim began her company, BE INFLUENCE[50], five years ago, when she recognized there was a growing need for social media management for businesses. BE INFLUENCE is a boutique marketing agency that specializes in social media management, influencer marketing, live events, branding, website and graphic design, coaching, and search engine optimization. Kim and her team provide digital consulting services primarily for clients in the legal, medical, technology, lifestyle, health, wellness, nutrition, and mindfulness spaces. Kim is also the author of the forthcoming Social Media Marketing: Learn Social Media in 10-20-30 Minutes a Day, which is geared toward helping smaller businesses and brands develop their online presence.

– Joey Grayson

INSTAGRAM: @joeysjet[51]

Joey Grayson is a serial entrepreneur and credit expert. He is the founder of Credit Expert Hacks, an online movement created to show people the benefits of using credit cards not only to educate themselves but travel hack their way to a life worth of freedom while starting a business from scratch without using any of their own money. Joey has helped 500+ students to achieve their goals and he is thankful for everything he has been able accomplished so far, but knowing this is only the beginning of his journey.

– Richie Hosein

INSTAGRAM: @richiehosein[52]

Richie Hosein[53] is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. Richie started working for Pfizer as a salesman, where he went onto winning the Vice President Cabinet’s Award for being the company’s top sales representative. Today, Richie has successfully built a strong domain in the healthcare, hospitality and music arenas. He currently serves as CEO of Baseline Health, whose mission is to transform the healthcare industry and promote preventive health by bringing a comprehensive, convenient, and patient centric health and wellness service to the workplace for the purpose of saving lives, reducing costs, and making a positive impact on people’s health and well-being. Mr. Hosein is also President of TRE Medical, a leading medical device sales consultancy. TRE Medical works with Independent Sales Reps worldwide representing the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. In addition, Richie is passionate about supporting his childhood community in Long Island, NY. He supports various local non-profits such as Urban Tech, a NYC organization that helps underprivileged children with limited access to technology.

– Michael Ashabi

INSTAGRAM: @mikeashabi[54]

Michael Ashabi is a serial entrepreneur and a top level life and business coach that works with a variety of entrepreneurs, business owners, and start ups to help them build strategies for sustainability and scaling. His company, True Life Ventures[55], focuses on making clients increase business growth by 40% month after month, and as a result, allow them to achieve financial freedom. Michael is a very results driven person and aspires to keep helping clients around the world to succeed.

– Simon Tizon

INSTAGRAM: @imtherealsimonsays[56]

Simon Tizon was born into poverty and was homeless at the age of 26, during one of the coldest winters Minnesota has ever seen. Three years later, he has become a recognized marketing expert. Since he was young, Simon wanted to be bigger than life, and show his value to the world. He decided he had to create a platform for people to know who he was and to do what he does best, which is helping others grow their businesses. Simon then founded his full stacked digital marketing company, CrushN Media[57], which provides multiple services to help businesses create profitable marketing strategies using social media, Public Relations, Google and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Today, Simon works with hundreds of clients, focused on taking their business to the next level of success.

– Andy Dane Carter

INSTAGRAM: @andydanecarter[58]

Andy Dane Carter[59] is a dreamer and a true inspiration for many. Being raised by a single mom, Andy started working when he was 12, and hasn’t stopped grinding and hustling since. Over his career, he has owned bars and restaurants and was one of the youngest wine sommeliers in the country. He’s worked for some of the top companies in the world and has been working on his own since his late twenties. For the past 10 years, Andy has focused his energy in the space of real estate, where the majority of his wealth comes from. Andy currently owns around 200 units and has closed over half a billion dollars in real estate deals. He has a Top 100 podcast on iTunes, The Andy Dane Carter Show[60]. Andy looks forward to helping people learn how to do this process through his book, which was picked up by Forbes, called 100 Doors[61], a blueprint for building financial freedom.

-Chris Diaz

INSTAGRAM: @itschrisdiaz[62]

Chris Diaz got his bachelor’s degree in 2016 and then got experience working sales for the most luxurious car dealership in Miami, FL and in a banking position at J.P Morgan Chase. He then saw the opportunity in the digital marketing space so he decided to invest into courses, mentors, books, and materials that would teach him how to grow his social presence. Chris then started his own agency, pursued his passion, and is now fulfilling his life’s purpose. Chris is a consultant, marketing expert, and CEO of Chris Diaz Agency[63]. He is well known for his innate ability to revolutionize the way a brand is seen. He provides digital consulting for 6-7 figure entrepreneurs and elite businesses looking to grow their social presence and scale beyond their current standing. He also runs a 100M+ digital network filled with artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, influencers, and more which he leverages to drive more traffic to his clients businesses.


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