12 Press Release Distribution Sites

Promotion is an integral part of any business marketing enterprise. Simply put, marketing has two major goals: to help your business make sales and that your business succeeds. As such, among the promotion mix, a business can look into is press releases. Press releases and other PR activities can help keep the buzz on your product or service keep going.

Public relations[1], and press releases in particular, helps you to craft your messaging without the risk of being misinterpreted. Plus, the reach of your message can go along way with relatively little costs compared to advertising. With a press release you can easily gain instant exposure, build trust and increase traffic to your website or store. However, not all press releases might provide the right amount of exposure.

The thinking here is the more people see your message, the higher the chances they will try your offering. The key to any messaging is it should be noticeable, and in this case newsworthy. Make sure the messaging in the press release is crafted in a manner people care about the announcement. Second, the message should also be relevant to your target audience.

Why Distribute Press Releases?

Information on unique product or service offering has to reach the public, both current clients and prospects. Press releases help amplify your messaging as they are sent to journalists, news agencies and online/printed media who in return reach thousands.

Besides the number of people, your product or brand can also reach geographical destinations you could not reach with other promotions. If crafted well, your press release can capture the right attention. It can even reach Google news in a matter of minutes.

The key to having your release reach Google News is simple. Use clear and coherent language, headlines should not be more than 110 characters; use short paragraphs (at least 80 words per paragraph). And last but not least, always remember to copy edit your press release thoroughly before sending it out.

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