Write a Killer Startup Press Release in 7 Steps

If you are looking for journalists to contact, we have a list of reporter emails here[10].


Once the article comes online – the journalist writing the piece should give you a heads up – it’s action stations.

If you have social media accounts, share the piece. Send the story to investors, customers, your employees and even your parents, asking that everyone shares it via their own social media accounts.

After this step, email other publications with the press release and a link to the story. This can be a good way of getting them to notice your announcement but remember to be careful not to rub it in their faces. After all, it’s highly likely that you gave your announcement as an exclusive to a rival publication first. If this is the case it’s worth offering your CEO or founder’s time to other large media sources.


The work of building media coverage is never over. (sorry…)

If your announcement has been a success, no doubt your startup or business will have been featured on a number of big and small media outlets.

Pat yourself on the back, dust yourself off and then start working out what your next announcement will be. Press releases owe themselves well to establishing a media cycle, which ideally will be repeated every 8-12 weeks, or whenever you and your business have an announcement to make.

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Copyright: berlinimpressions / 123RF Stock Photo[12]


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