Write a Killer Startup Press Release in 7 Steps

Press releases should be about a page long and they must not leave factual holes.

Good releases should follow a format similar to the COPYABLE TEMPLATE below:

The title: A headline for your release, essentially in the format of: “Something/someone does/experiences/announces something new”.

First Paragraph: Discuss the larger mission of the new announcement, i.e. what it does and what it is for. Include a date and location at the very beginning.

Second paragraph: Delve into the specifics of your product / announcement.

Third paragraph: A quote from your CEO or a business co-founder explaining the announcement. This means that journalists won’t have to waste their time – or your company’s time – finding quotes for the article.

Fourth paragraph: Bring in trends to explain why this announcement is relevant to the larger industry / community that your business is a part of. Ideally this will include at least one data point (ex: how large the industry is).

Fifth paragraph: Wrap up with a final quote from your CEO or founder.

Sixth paragraph: Briefly sum up the history of your company and the background of its leader(s). Also include a contact for journalists to use if they aren’t happy sticking with the quotes in the press release, or if they want more in-depth information.

If you’d like to see, we have a few example press releases are here[6].


Pitching the press release will happen by email. The press release does not sell a journalist on covering the story, the email does. The press release then provides information to better help a reporter cover the story.

To increase chances of having your story ‘picked up’ – that is, published – make your email a bit more personal (more on email marketing ninja tricks[7] here).

Research the journalist in question’s name and make sure you don’t use the wrong one. Remember, you only have one shot at a first impression and this isn’t amateur hour. You have to get it right first time. An example email is below (the subsequent media coverage is here[8]).

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