Top 20 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020

NEW YORK CITY, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 18, 2019 / As 2020 closes in we are giving way to a new decade. This past one (2000-2019) is known for incredible advances in the tech industry, as well as for the rise of new start-ups and countless fresh entrepreneurs arising to new pathways of success. So, what should we look forward to in 2020?

For one, trends such as nomad labor and remote work are growing, as well as app and software design aimed at improving basic life skills. In addition, educational initiatives tackling issues such as lack of financial literacy or quality gaps are also on the rise. Most importantly, we can see important entrepreneurship figures who will certainly define what the next year and the rest of the new decade will be like. This year, VIP Media Group put together a list of what they consider to be some of the top entrepreneurs to watch in 2020. So who are they?

-Stefan Arnio

DATE OF BIRTH: July 13, 1986


Stefan Aarnio[1] is an award-winning real estate investor, entrepreneur, and author. Best known for having started his real estate portfolio with just 1.2K. He has since built a multi-million dollar portfolio of single-family and multifamily properties in Canada. Stefan is the author of eight books dealing with a variety of topics related to real estate and entrepreneurship. In 2012, he won the Joint Venture Partner of the Year award, and in 2014 the Rich Dad International award, which is given to only one person out of 3,900. Stefan is also passionate about mentoring other aspiring investors. To do this, he teaches mastery courses on raising capital, negotiation, sales, marketing and growing wealth. In 2016, one of Stefan’s students won Investor of the Year, and in 2017, 11 of his students were nominated for six national awards in Toronto for the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine Award.

-Ricky Carruth

DATE OF BIRTH: May 21, 1981


Ricky Carruth[2] is a real estate agent with almost two decades of experience, who beat all odds to become the top RE/MAX agent in the state of Alabama. Over the last three years, Ricky has been building the fastest growing real estate coaching program in the world: Zero to Diamond. This is the world’s first completely free real estate coaching program and is a disruptor in the industry. More than 22,000 real estate agents have taken advantage of Ricky’s free coaching program. His biggest accomplishments are overcoming bankruptcy and becoming the #1 RE/MAX agent in Alabama three times, going for #4 this year. Ricky has also taken what he has learned during that time to write two books in 2017 that he self-published on Amazon. He also enjoys being the first completely free real estate coach in the industry and having spoken on over 20 stages in 2019 all over the world.

-Adam Quinn

DATE OF BIRTH: October 6, 1989


Adam Quinn[3] is a Los Angeles native serial entrepreneur who has built many businesses from the ground up over the past 8 years, and is known to be a very wise business consultant to many start-up companies. Adam has worked his way to the top in many different vertical markets. In 2013, Adam started a software company with his brother Ryan Quinn called “Brightguest Technologies.” The company was the first market text messaging platform used by restaurants to text clients when their table was ready. Adam is also a talented volleyball player and coach, leading a team to the top 5 at the junior Olympics five years in a row. After some years in the entrepreneurship world, Adam started managing talent, partnering with brands, and working with CEOs of some of the most well-known brands on marketing campaigns. He has managed YouTube stars such as Jake Paul and his social media label “Team 10,” helping them create viral content daily. Adam is now working on many new ideas which we will be keeping a close eye out for in 2020.

-Clayton Morris

DATE OF BIRTH: December 31, 1976

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @claytonmorris

Clayton Morris[4] left his successful show on Fox News Channel after achieving financial freedom because being able to find stability and certainty in his finances had always been a priority since he was a child. At age 13, Clayton saw his dad unexpectedly lose his job. Ever since then he had a fear about money, and always knew there had to be a more entrepreneurial way of creating wealth. By age 40, Clayton[5] had built as much passive income as he was making in his 9 to 5 job. So he decided to quit and never looked back. After years building his own passive income, he launched the Financial Freedom Academy[6], in order to help others learn what he knew. Through his academy, Clayton now devotes himself to helping others build passive income and achieve financial freedom too, using the methods he had to learn the hard way. After some failures, he has learned how to build a meaningful life, and frequently shares these lessons on his top-rated podcast, Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris[7].

-HighKey Brothers

INSTAGRAM USERNAMES: @highkeyco, @jordanlintz, @lukelintz, @jacksonjlintz

The HighKey brothers[8] aka The Lintz Bros, Jordan[9], Luke[10] and youngest brother Jackson[11] all own and run HighKey Technology Inc., which was founded 3 years ago and is now recognizable across North America. The HighKey Bros love to stay engaged with current pop culture. In doing so, they create content with influencers and tie in their top selling product (HighKey Wireless Earbuds) to achieve ultimate branding. They reached seven figures in sales in just 2.5 years. In addition, the HighKey name has now expanded from our e-commerce company into 2 other fastly growing companies in HighKey Agency Inc. and HighKey Clout Inc., which have both reached six figures prematurely. These companies operate in the social media industry. Jordan, Luke, and Jackson are a phenomenal trio that will continue to crusade the social media space.

-Cody Alt

DATE OF BIRTH: September 29 1987


Cody Alt[12] is a serial entrepreneur from a town in Montana of just 30 people. From having a crude oil company, to fitness, and now some of the largest CBD brands in the world, Cody Alt has surpassed 60M in sales. Cody believes in getting as far away from negative energy as possible, and as close as possible to people who are like-minded. Currently, one of his brands (PureKana) just got acquired, and now he will take his company public on the Nasdaq in February of 2020. He is only getting started.

-Nenad Korof

DATE OF BIRTH: Dec 4, 1992


Nenad “Neno” Korof[13] is a 27 years old who began his journey about 8 years ago when he started trading in the Forex markets. He was $50,000 in debt and was a college dropout, who decided to take the risk to learn the financial markets, and it paid off big time by his 23rd birthday. Neno started accumulating big wealth and started reinvesting in multiple different business ventures in the clothing, technology most recently, in the champagne industry. Neno is popular for his luxury lifestyle and knowledge on cryptocurrencies. In fact, he is one of the biggest names in the Forex/Crypto space for mentorship and software. Neno is now looking to get involved in social media consulting and motivational speaking.

-Gabe Mayants

DATE OF BIRTH: December 8, 1999


Gabe Mayants[14] is a 20 year old who created a social media agency (Gabe Media) and a college event company while in high school. GabeMedia has recently been involved in social media management and influencer management,creating partnerships with influencers and connecting them with the right brands. Gabe’s other company BlackoutBangers[15] is an event company that looks to bring hip hop talent to universities around the country. This company has collaborated with some of the top festivals including Firefly Music Festivals and Moonrise. Gabe recently started working with American Ninja Warriors including Abby Clark, Brandon Singletary, and Joe Capo. Within 30 days of Brandon starting TikTok he hit 500k followers which allowed GabeMedia to lock in major multiple brand deals.

-Dennis Brown

DATE OF BIRTH: January 13, 1970

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @askdennisbrown

Dennis Brown[16] is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. After growing his last business to over $80 million a year in sales and selling it in 2016, Dennis shifted his focus from building his own business to coaching thousands of business owners to help them see rapid growth. While he is no newcomer to entrepreneurship, he has never been more passionate about his mission of helping his clients achieve record growth. He now specializes in helping B2B companies get more leads, clients and sales by leveraging his proven growth strategies. He has written for Huffington Post, Influencive and a variety of other high profile blogs and has been featured on 30+ business/marketing/growth related podcasts. Dennis is also the host of the top ranked marketing and entrepreneur podcast called Growth Experts[17].

-Andrew Evans

DATE OF BIRTH: September 26, 1995

Instagram Username: @andrewevansofficial

Andrew Evans[18] is a serial entrepreneur and the host of the Ace Weekly Podcast[19], one of the top 100 podcasts on iTunes since its release in March. At a young age, he began fueling his entrepreneurial drive with his success in sales. He developed his work ethic and speaking skills, and learned how to connect with others by building numerous small businesses. After breaking many sales records at his company throughout the years, Andrew decided that he wanted to equip other young people with the same skills he had. In 2018, he began working on the Ace Weekly Podcast[20] to help guide other aspiring leaders towards the mentality needed to be successful. Currently a resident in Miami, Andrew’s Spartan organization works with more students than any other organization in the Miami-Dade County. His mission is to empower young people and transform the way that they show up in our world and in our communities. Aside from his podcast and sales office, Andrew also has a heart to create a financial revolution for many individuals across the world. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, his corporation Ace Trading Enterprises helps provide software that allows the average person to have an easier (and more successful) experience in the world of trading and investing.

-Saul Ortiz

DATE OF BIRTH: May 18, 1983


Saul Ortiz[21] has been an entrepreneur at heart since he was a child. For some years, he worked as a salesman in many different jobs for several years, while he was building and learning with a mentor about the import and export trade industry. Then he started to build Starpil[22], a wax brand, from the ground up. As Starpil continued to grow Saul discovered the magic of social media marketing and influencers. Through communication with social media influencers and building a marketing team of his own, Saul has brought Starpil to the map for estheticians and skincare enthusiasts nationwide generating over 10 million in sales. As founder and CEO of Starpil Wax Co., he is always on the hunt for the next best product and his goal is the success of his clients and bringing them the most innovative wax and waxing accessories available. I have most recently begun building new brands like Nova Wax and Starsoft Wax Center and I’m excited to build them up to Starpil status.

-Mike Murphy

DATE OF BIRTH: November 16, 1984

Instagram Username: @realmikemurphy

Mike Murphy[23] comes from a family of Americans who lived paycheck to paycheck. Since he was a child, he worked with his dad in his Lincoln Mercury Dealership in Florida. After college Mike went full time into his dad’s dealerships and started selling vehicles online and developed internet departments at all locations. After his dad was diagnosed with cancer, Mike was forced to step up. He became one of if not the youngest General Managers in the Nation. Mike and his dad grew their independently ran dealerships into Murphy Auto Group (MAG) where Mike is the CEO. Last year at 33-Years old, Mike spearheaded the Divestment of 2 Dealerships and the purchase of Bob Richards Auto Group. Overtime with his dad’s help, Mike was able to adopt all his learned principles and adapt them into a digital world that is heavily based on social media influence and online consumerism.

-Mark Nead

DATE OF BIRTH: November 15, 1969


Mark Nead[24] is the Founder and President of Boondock Walker[25], a brand strategy, design and storytelling firm headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, which was launched in 2007. They are an “unagency”, their unconventional model for modern businesses who need more from their brand, design and content partners. Mark’s professional roles include brand strategist, creative director / designer, ideator, writer, mentor and thought leader. He brings over 25+ years of design, creative direction and brand development experience. Prior to building Boondock Walker, he launched and managed Nead Design Company, a brand and design firm, for 8 years. Among Mark’s biggest accomplishments is challenging the status quo by reengineering Boondock Walker over the past few years, in response to what the market was demanding, after realizing that the traditional agency model was dead, and that every sign points to a demand by clients for something better. Their new “unagency” model was a critical pivot that has yielded remarkable results in a short period, with their business nearly doubling in size over the past 12 months. With over 25 years of experience, Mark is just getting started.

-Cesar Gomez

DATE OF BIRTH: August 26, 1978

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @cesargomez909

Cesar Gomez[26] has been an entrepreneur since he was just 15 years old. He now runs a consulting company, that emphasizes and focuses on the insurance industry. Through his company, he provides value in the specialized training that consist of life skills such as sales training, time management, character building, marketing, and branding. Cesar has always enjoyed getting himself involved in industries where he can engage in solving other people’s problems. In doing this, he not only transforms his own life but that of others.

-Pree Williams

DATE OF BIRTH: October 14, 1980


Pree Williams[27] is a serial entrepreneur and contributing writer and actor who began his entrepreneurial career in the nightclub management business. The Airforce Veteran Williams has gone on to own two boutique car dealerships and a real estate investment portfolio, and is currently playing an integral part in building the CBD Exclusively CBD Stores. Pree, alongside his partners helped build and open five CBD Exclusively Locations and consult several other locations all within the past 12 months. Some of Pree’s biggest accomplishments have been finding a way to bounce back from losses and not losing sight of the big picture, and being able to create a culture that makes the workplace not feel like work at all.

-Shannel Rivera

DATE OF BIRTH: November 26, 1983

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @beautyandhustle_shannelrivera

After experiencing a successful corp life career with Fedex, being the top % in a direct sales and having a wildly successful small business, Shannel Rivera[28] was able to build a formula on how to find success. She guides her followers through the 3 pillars (strategy, authenticity and soul) and how to leverage these three things to find great success in any business while finding balance in life. Shannel comes from being the #1 district manager at a billion-dollar global corporation and has used that knowledge to build her own brand (Beautyandhustle) into a million-dollar empire. Beautyandhustle[29] began as a Facebook community that in turn turned into a community of followers wanting to purchase products from Shannel, such as apparel and lipstick. Shannel has been able to take her retail operational background and combine it with her social media attraction marketing to build out her dream company. Shannel’s company beautyandhustle is also a consulting firm with online courses, coaching and business retreats. Beautyandhustle has helped small businesses and fortune 500 companies realign so they can scale and grow. When Shannel is not working with clients directly she is found speaking on stages suchs as- Wonder Women in Tech, Women Empowerment X, Midwest Tech Cosmetic Society Symposium inspiring the masses to create, build and live their dream lives.

-Rio Osorio

DATE OF BIRTH: July 21, 1981

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @thehustlementor

Rio Osorio[30] is an entrepreneur who specializes in sales and marketing. He runs a small team of talented people that helps him take care of 47 clients. Rio also focuses on strategic partnerships with high level entrepreneurs, such as John Malott of @Buildyourempire, who Rio has been working on a mentorship program with. Through this program[31], Rio has been able to work with almost 600 hungry entrepreneurs in the last 6 months. Rio’s biggest accomplishment is being able to have some of the people he looks up to as his mentors and friends because, as he says, proximity is power.

-Fabian Rubal

DATE OF BIRTH: April 11, 1980


Fabian Rubal[32] started in the real estate industry in 2003 as an assistant to a mortgage broker in Los Angeles, where he helped hundreds of families purchase homes. In 2008 when the market crashed, Fabian went all in and opened with the help of a business partner his first office in Whittier, CA. Through this office they not only helped families find homes but also flipped homes and entered the investment portion of the industry. In 2012, Fabian separated from his business partner and started a consulting group helping realtors, real estate groups and brokerages to brand themselves and help them generate business through different avenues like social media and call centers. In 2018, Fabian became the proud owner of Park & Stone, where he was able to put a piece of himself into a business he enjoyed. What he cares about most is that the people working with him in Park & Stone are happy to go to work and be there.

-Lanfranco Pescante

DATE OF BIRTH: December 18, 1985

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @nocturnalfranco

Lanfranco Pescante[33] is one of the two owners and managing partners of the Nocturnal Hospitality Group. At only age 33, Lanfranco has a vast nightclub and restaurant hospitality background stemming all the way back to his childhood in Italy where he moved from at age 17 alone to follow the American Dream. Starting as a dishwasher and working all the way up from nothing, Lanfranco worked every single position in a restaurant and bar moving up the ladder rapidly faster than anyone in the industry around him. He created with his long time best friend David the company that revolutionized events in central Florida and produced countless events with artists ranging from Nelly to Avicii in accordance with upholding profitable day to day venue operations.

Robert Martinez

DATE OF BIRTH: August 06, 1974

INSTAGRAM USERNAME: @apartmentrockstar

Robert Martinez[34] runs Rockstar Capital[35], a multifamily investment and property management company. They[36] identify value-add opportunities, inject capital for renovation upgrades, utilize the latest technologies and apply best property management practices. As of October 2019, they own and operate 23 apartment communities across Texas totalling 3,870 units with a portfolio valued in excess at $348 million. Rockstar Capital raises equity from its investor base in order to purchase its properties, and then continues to return distributions to its investors once per quarter. They also build their marketing strategies around story-telling. Through the DailyRock[37] videos on their YouTube channel, Robert and his team provide insight into their processes at Rockstar, as well as through their various social media accounts.

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