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Now check out this second attempt[2] with a new angle. The release still deals with recession/job issues, but now I’m suggesting people quit if the job is less than ideal. The media found this unusual and the response was massive. Check out the resulting segment[3] on ABC News.

Here’s a recent release[4] for a client of mine–a personal trainer calls out “The Biggest Loser” reality show for portraying inaccurate and unrealistic fitness goals. The response from media was predictably good, with calls coming in from an ABCNews.com reporter and radio bookers.

Keep It Easy

Do follow proper press release guidelines–this means not claiming your company or product is “the best” or “world famous” or anything amateur like that. If your product truly is world famous, you should not have to state that. And if it isn’t, don’t pretend it is–this will just annoy journalists. Also, provide clear contact information in your release: an e-mail and phone number work best. You don’t want a TV booker to have to sift through hundreds of documents simply to find out whom to contact–no one has the patience for that.

Capitalize on Long-Term Search Engine Traffic

Many people are posting press releases these days partially to boost traffic. A press release can be a great way to increase the organic traffic you get from Google and other search engines. Also, most press release services spend a lot of time on search engine optimization and rank well in search results.

According to VisiblePR.com[5], a free search engine optimization tool for press releases, your press release body should contain 3 percent to 5 percent keywords. So if your release is about gun control and the body copy is 100 words long, the phrase “gun control” should be in there at least three times, but no more than five times.

Your press release headline, on the other hand, can have up to 15 percent to 20 percent keyword density. For example, “Organization Fights to Protect Second Amendment Rights” is a terrible headline, because the phrase gun control is not even in there. The headline “Organization Fights Gun Control” is far more likely to result in successful search engine placement.

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